"Evo, viđi" attempts to tell the hidden story of the young state of Montenegro and its cultural heritage, by questioning the current narrative on the socialist era. Montenegro is living a crucial moment in which the old and the new generation have to come to a dialogue. At first glance, people live in apnea surrounded by wreckage and new-built luxury hotels. Under the light-hearted umbrella of melancholy and distrust, the fight for ideals is ceaseless, even among friends over a cup of Turkish coffee or a beer. 
When you ask how things go: "Evo, viđi" they will say, "like this, as you can see". Very soon, as I have heard this sentence, I became acquainted with the Montenegrin quintessence, namely the ability to express down-to-heart criticisms, being convinced nothing will change over the long period.​​​​​​​
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