The photo-essay is not conceived as a social commentary or a reportage on contemporary society. On the contrary, it claims to be ahistorical and metaphysical.
The slogan appearing on nazi prison camps still strikes at the heart of Western culture. I choose such a loud title in search of the hyperbole. "Arbeit Macht Frei" is not about the ethics of the crime committed. It traces back to the primordial relotionship between mankind and the work. More than just a mockery or a false promise, "Work sets you free" might be considered as a mystical statement (to the extent that it can be extremely dangerous). After all we often tend to define man's nature on the grounds of his operativeness.
Amidst seriousness and playfulness, the dependency and the pleasantness, the work activity shows the man's will to impose his power over nature.
In the series, machineries and tools lie on the street in an urban night-scape. No man around. The human presence takes place in the form of voyeuristic episode, behind the fence. Whose work is to be claimed?
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